Criminal Law

At Executive Lawyers, we understand choosing the right criminal defence lawyer may be one of the most significant decisions that you may ever have to make.

We utilise our experience and knowledge to provide you the best possible outcome for your case or matter. 

Executive Lawyers will act on your behalf, in all areas of criminal law, from minor summary offences, to serious violent/non-violent indictable offences, whether initiated by the Crown, or a Government regulatory body.

As our lawyers’ expertise also include commercial and family law, Executive Lawyers can also assist you with any summary or indictable offences, which may overlap in one or more areas of law, i.e. commercial, family, or immigration law. In the event that you find yourself in such a predicament, Executive Lawyers will strive to be able to assist you by taking conduct of all your matters, as to save costs.

We are committed to providing and maintaining regular contact with you, regardless of the circumstances you may be facing, to be kept fully informed of all matters against you. Upon your instructions, we will make sure to keep your loved ones aware of all developments in your case, or matter.

If your matter requires, Executive Lawyers work closely with other professionals, such as accredited specialists, medical practitioners, family violence counsellors, and drug treatment specialists, to ensure that that all, if any, contributing factors to the criminal charges have been appropriately identified and addressed.

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