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Sexual Offences

In Victoria, sexual offences encompass a broad range of sexual acts, including:

  • Rape (sexual penetration without consent);
  • Sexual penetration of a child;
  • Sexual assault;
  • Sexual assault of a child;
  • Incest (sexual acts with a family member);
  • Sex slavery;
  • Grooming or procuring a child for sexual activity (child under the age of 16);
  • Sexual harassment;
  • Sexual activity in the presence of a child;
  • Threat to commit a sexual offence;
  • Possessing or accessing child pornography or child abuse material;
  • Transmitting, distributing or producing child pornography or child abuse material;
  • Loitering; and
  • Obscene or willful exposure.

Sexual assault is defined as a person intentionally touching another person in a sexual manner without the other person’s consent.


If a complaint is made against an individual immediately or shortly after, the offence is alleged to have happened, then the accused will typically be in a better position to remember where they were, or if there are witnesses to defend against the allegation, and locating forensic evidence such as DNA.


Allegations by young persons can often be influenced by an estranged partner whose main priority is to get revenge against their former partner, usually observed in family law proceedings involving property settlements, or custody issues.


No matter the circumstances and the nature of the offence, it is important to contact an experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer to assist you in defending against the allegations or charge.


In particular, a Criminal Defence Lawyer can assist you with:

  • Understanding the charge, and the consequences of any sentence or pleading guilty;
  • Understanding the Court processes and procedures;
  • Obtaining the evidentiary material including from the police which is said to support the sexual allegations or charge made against you; and
  • Review the material and evidence against you to provide you with advice as to your prospects of defending against the allegations, whether any defences are available to you, and the possible outcomes if you plead guilty, or are found guilty.


If you are charged with a sexual offence, it is important to obtain a Criminal Defence Lawyer before your matter reaches Court. Sexual offences are treated by the Courts as extremely serious offences and typically carries a sentence of imprisonment if convicted. Some classes of the sexual assault offences carry very lengthy standard non-parole periods.


Executive Lawyers have solid relationships with senior Melbourne Criminal Defence Counsels (Barristers) with particular expertise in representing people charged with sexual offences. We will secure the most suitable Criminal Defence Counsel, depending on your matter and circumstances to represent you at trial if you are pleading not guilty, and work with them closely to ensure that we achieve the most desirable outcome possible.

Have you been accused of a Sexual Offence?

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