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Our experienced Family Lawyers offer legal advice and support in all areas of family law. We have the expertise, experience, and skill to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome for yourself and your children. We take pride in empowering our clients to fulfil their legal rights and achieve their best possible result. Whilst our aim is to provide a favourable negotiated settlement, our Family Lawyers are skilled and experienced litigators and will pursue available legal remedies in Court should this be necessary.

I want a divorce, what are my options?

I need help with property settlement or division of assets.

I want a pre-nuptial/post-nuptial binding financial agreement.

My ex is not paying spousal maintenance /child support.

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Family Law

We are a dedicated team of experienced Family Lawyers based in Melbourne, assisting people through their relationship breakdown, separation, and divorce. We recognise that family law can be a very complex and sensitive area of law, requiring compassion, consideration, and care for you and your children. Our Family Lawyers will strive to provide you with practical solutions that not only takes care of you and your children, but aims to have the least amount of suffering, drama, conflict, and expenses to you.


Melbourne’s Family Law Experts, we can advise you on all aspects of Family Law.

We will listen to your family law matter thoroughly, and provide you with accurate legal advice and appropriate legal assistance, keeping you informed at every stage, in a broad range of family law matters including:

Our Family Lawyers are empathetic to your needs and will consider all aspects of your matter and circumstances, and work towards providing you with the best outcome for your circumstances. This includes assisting you in finding solution outside of a courtroom to avoid the stress, time, and costs associated with legal proceedings.


Our Family Lawyers will listen and assess your family law matter thoroughly, outline your options, and provide you with accurate legal advice. Our Family Lawyers will then help you make an informed decision allowing you to choose the options and strategies best suited to your circumstances.


Executive Lawyers are a full service firm, as we go far beyond just family law matters. Our Family Lawyers work closely with our Commercial, Immigration, and Property Lawyers, who can assist in providing you with a complete service of your legal needs.

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We deal with all separation and divorce challenges and issues.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what is involved. No two families are the same and every family has different circumstances.

We will provide you with an estimate of our fees at your first initial complimentary consultation once we understand your particular circumstances.

In any family law matter there are many variables to consider, and no two cases are the same. As with the cost, we will be able to provide a more accurate estimate of how long your case might take once we have spoken to you and understand your specific circumstances.

If both parties are agreeable, then you can apply for a joint application for divorce which will be granted quicker than in cases such as where your former partner opposes an application for divorce, one party resides overseas, or if the Court considers that the parenting arrangements made for your children are inadequate.

Yes, as long as you have been separated and you can attest to sleeping separately since the separation, you can apply for a divorce.

You can apply for a divorce once you have been separated from your partner for at least 12 months.

If you cannot reach an agreement for your former partner to voluntarily pay you spousal maintenance, then you can formally apply for spousal maintenance by applying to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia for an order of spousal maintenance (in addition to property settlement or parenting orders).

No, you can apply for spousal maintenance from the moment of separation.

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