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Our Immigration Lawyers offer a diverse skill set including immigration, administrative law, criminal and commercial law related matters. Whatever your objective, whether it be travel, study, work, business, Australian citizenship, Executive Lawyers can help you avoid a delayed, or denied visa application. Our Immigration Lawyers have the expertise in migration and will take help execute strong strategies with the most appropriate immigration solution for you.

I am not sure which visa I am eligible for, what are my options?

My sponsor has withdrawn their sponsorship, what are my options?

I would like permanent residency, what are my options?

My visa application was unsuccessful. Can you help me?

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Migration Law

Choosing the right immigration lawyer is an most important decision to ensure that any visa application has the highest prospects of being accepted.


Our Immigration Lawyers provide all our clients with accurate advice and legal services. With knowledge across the full scope of Australia’s migration programs and years of experience, our team at Executive Lawyers work hard to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.


There are hundreds of different types of visas available in Australian depending on the applicant’s circumstances, such as the length of time that the client would like to stay in Australia, and the types of activities they would like to undertake while in the Australia (i.e. working, studying, tourism, marriage or competing in sporting events).


We can review your circumstances and assess your eligibility for a visa, and advise on the most appropriate visa options that matches your skills, experience, and family situation. This visa strategy often involves a plan for permanent residency.

There are a number of different means by which to migrate to Australia, and we regularly assist our client’s to make applications for the purposes of:

  • Skilled and Business Visas;
  • Family Visas;
  • Company Sponsorship;
  • Student Visas;
  • Resident Return Visas;
  • Partner Visas;
  • Retirement Visas;
  • Parent Visas;
  • Protection Visas;
  • Temporary or Permanent Residency;
  • Bridging Visas;
  • Assist bringing family members to Australia;
  • Sponsoring overseas employees to work in Australia;
  • Event Visas;
  • Working Holiday Visas;
  • Visa Cancellation & Refusals;
  • Unlawful Status;
  • AAT Appeals; and
  • Ministerial Intervention.

We regularly have matters transferred to us from client’s who did not receive the desired services or outcome from their former migration agent or lawyer, resulting in in their visa being refused for one reason or another. We appear in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), and the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia for our client’s regularly. Our Immigration Lawyers are very familiar with the complexities of immigration law, and know what information and evidence is required to overcome even the most challenging and problematic matters.


Our clients have peace of mind knowing they can rely on our Immigration Lawyers to help them through the sometimes complicated and stressful process of migration.


We are ready to assist you in preparing your visa application. We provide efficient, reliable, and best value migration advice. An Immigration Lawyer will be assigned to your case to prepare and lodge the visa application on your behalf, and will liaise with the relevant processing authorities, and keep you informed of the progress of your application, to provide you with complete assistance from start to finish.

Advising as to Prospects

If you are currently living in Australia on a temporary visa, we can help you to obtain the appropriate visa you need to stay here on a long-term basis. We can also help you to apply for citizenship if you would like to make your stay permanent. Our Immigration Lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the application process for all visas, allowing them to put together an application on your behalf that maximises your prospects of success.


In particular, we regularly advise our clients of the following:

  • The strengths of your profile and the areas of concern;
  • Your likelihood of success under your nominated visa category, and if applicable, an alternative visa to apply for;
  • A complete breakdown of the application costs;
  • Demonstrate how you satisfy the requirements of the visa;
  • How to complete the health and character assessments;
  • The steps involved in preparing your documentation;
  • How to present your application in the format preferred by the Department of Immigration;
  • How long it will take to process your application;
  • Your entitlements as a permanent resident and how to apply for citizenship in the future; and
  • Foreign Investment Review Board applications.

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During the consultation, we will discuss your current circumstances and objectives to allows us to consider and advise on the most suitable visa. We will also discuss with you the supporting documentation required from you prior to lodging your application. In doing so, you can rely on our Immigration Lawyers to guide you towards the strongest prospects of obtaining your visa.


We offer a free consultation to our client’s as part of our commitment to delivering a high quality service. We also offer fixed pricing so you know upfront exactly what the total costs are for both, our professional costs and the visa application lodgment fees. If you require Immigration Lawyers in Victoria, contact our team of experienced Immigration Lawyers today on (03) 8376 6209 for a free initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, most visa refusal decisions have the right to be appealed to the AAT or a Court. However, some visas do not have a right of appeal if they were lodged offshore and there is no sponsor in Australia.

The refusal notice will advise you:

• If you have the right to appeal your decision;
• The timeframe available to lodge your appeal; and
• The relevant appeal body your appeal should be directed to.

If your letter does not outline the above information, we suggest that you obtain legal advice.

The most common place to appeal a visa refusal decision to is the AAT. There are strict time limits when appealing to the AAT. It is very important to read monitor the appeal deadline in your visa refusal as the AAT appeal deadlines typically cannot be extended.

The reasons for a visa refusal can include the following deficiencies in an application:

• Did not meet the visa requirements when the visa application was lodged, or by the time a decision was made;
• Failed to provide complete information;
• Failed to respond to a request for further information;
• Failed to complete required steps of the visa application;
• Provided false or misleading information;
• Did not provide enough evidence to support the visa application; and/or
• Failed to meet the character grounds.

Your Immigration Lawyer will assess your circumstances to determine the most appropriate steps to take.  

No, if you receive a visa refusal decision you do not receive a refund of the visa application fee.

Depending on the type of visa refusal, the Applicant will in most cases have 21 days to appeal the refusal to the AAT.

Depending on the reason(s) for refusal, and the nature of the visa application, you may have the opportunity of filing an appeal to the ATT to overturn a decision, particularly if there is additional supporting documents and evidence that was not part of the initial visa application.

Typically, an application for review must be filed within 35 days of the date of the migration decision. The Court may extend the time limit in some circumstances. If you require a time extension, you must request this as it is not automatic.

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